Saturday, June 26, 2010

kulim-kl-batu pahat-kl-ipoh-kulim

wahhh...its like a small vacation for me..
i went to my sis's house at putra height,
spent quality time with my nephew and nieces..
back to bp,the most memorial places for me...
of coz...miss the otak-otak(i've been thinking about it all the way to bp)...
back to KL...
ohh pineapple tart tak ada la..huhuhu
its ok,next week bangcik and sis mimi is going to KL,so i boleh pesan banyak-banyak)happy back)...
but the whole 4days was not enough for me to spent with the kids...
miss ammar,
miss adik,
miss abang
miss kakak
and kak hasanah too(their maid)
 baby ammar

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